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Food Safety

HACCP - HACCP is a management tool that provides a more structured approach to the control of identified hazards than that achievable by traditional inspection and quality control procedures. It has the potential to identify areas of concern where failure has not yet been experienced and is, therefore.... more

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Partnering for Success with Intelogix Corporation

A key factor to our continued success is our ability to find new ways to improve the overall productivity of our clients and to take them along with us on the journey to increased profits.

As our partner, our accomplishments and successes are intertwined, therefore we have provided a service that will not only make their everyday processes a lot easier but also enable both our companies to grow in ways never imagined.


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Chefs' Produce is known in the culinary industry for produce excellence and unsurpassed attention to customer service.
Chefs' Produce is proud to offer the largest array of fruits and vegetables and pre-cut items on the east coast. Chefs' Produce is built on relationships: long standing customer relationships, relationships with our employees and critical relationships with the best network of high quality growers locally and shippers around the world.

Key People
We value our people who are on the front lines to serve you everyday. We value our loyal customers and that is why, for over 30 years, the finest chefs have counted on our partnership to deliver excellence to their customers.

Award-winning commitment to quality
Chefs' Produce is committed to your success and one of the owners is always on-site and available to ensure your satisfaction. We maintain an aggressive HACCP program for food quality and safety.

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M-Fri 5:30am-4:00pm
Sat 5:30am-1pm

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Mon -Fri: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sat: til 12:00 pm