Quality produce & service

Today, our Houston facility covers two-and-a-half acres; with a fleet of over two-dozen refrigerated trucks delivering produce six days a week. A new construction project currently under way in Houston will completely enclose and refrigerate our receiving and shipping docks, ensuring an unbroken cold chain from farm to customer. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2003.

A second facility in Dallas is only slightly smaller, serviced by 15 trucks. From these facilities, we serve a wide range of food service clientele, including hospitals, schools, clubs, restaurants, as well as gourmet retail outlets.

Chef's Produce supplies over 500 types of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and value added produce. We also offer such complimentary items as frozen fruit purees, olive oil, dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries, nuts and gourmet rice.

By dealing directly with growers and farmers, we insure that we receive the freshest produce available. We specialize in higher-quality produce for a clientele that demands the best and most diverse selection available. But we also cater to single unit locations that need nothing more exotic than lettuce and tomatoes.