Fresh Produce Year-Round

Many produce items are no longer seasonal and are expected to be in-stock, fresh, year-round. A change in season does not mean that a certain item is no longer available; it simply means that we have to work a little harder and go a little further to find it. To that end, Chef's Produce imports from around the world.

When it is winter in the United States, customers don't want to hear that the strawberry season is over in California; they want strawberries. So, Chef's Produce imports strawberries from Australia and New Zealand. We also import regularly from Mexico and South America to meet other seasonal demands.

Herbs A Plenty

Chef's Produce flies fresh herbs in daily from across the continental United States and Hawaii. We then package culinary herbs such as basil, chives, and tarragon for retail grocery stores and restaurants. We also stock a complete line of specialty herbs such as epasote, hoja santa, bay leaves, flavored basils, and exotic mints and sages.


Special Attention to Specialty Items

Unusual and gourmet items are our specialty. Miniature fruits, miniature squash, French beans, a half-dozen varieties of wild mushrooms, white asparagus, blood oranges - these once-exotic fruits and vegetables are now standard. And we are constantly tracking down harder-to-find items to keep out customers on the cutting edge of industry trends.